Cargo loss surveys


Cargo loss surveys

The core of our work is still the performance of cargo damage surveys: the assessment of nature, cause and extent of a cargo damage, as independent as possible. A detailed knowledge of the characteristics of all types of cargo and their means of transport and storage is essential for this work.

Due to the transit function of The Netherlands, many damages are discovered during transshipment, before on-carriage to final destination. As a result, damages often have to be assessed in ports like Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp, for Dutch as well as for foreign principals. In this way Hamer & van Hussen was able to gain substantial experience during the last 45 years on all varieties of goods, from grains and oilseeds to bagged commodities, chemicals, steel, edible- and mineral oils, until perishables and consumer goods.

Besides assessing the damages, an important aspect of these surveys is our advise on mitigation of the losses. This is another vital aspect of our knowledge. Some products will still have a second or third grade useability about which we can advise cargo owners. This differs from product to product. We also provide advice and have expert knowledge on measures to be taken for reconditioning or repairs.

If the cargo owner cannot recondition, repair or use the cargo in any other way, we will investigate the possibility of a salvage sale. This is another important tool to assess a cargo damage. We can search for possibly interested salvage buyers and organise and issue salvage tenders. In each of the particular salvage markets we know and are aware of the major players.