Database and dashboard

We can deliver our findings, reports, documents, invoices etc, via a web-based database application and store these files for our principals, as cloud storage.

The system unites the various parties, involved in the claims process. If agreed, our principals can log in to our database, download reports, and upload documents. An insured, broker, underwriter or recovery agent can edit their own, specific and protected fields. This enables a much faster workflow and ensures an efficient handling of claims.

Real-time loss history reports, in excel or other formats, can be quickly generated using our online claim system. These reports render a wealth of valuable statistic information.

Our servers can send out automatically generated excel status lists, reminders, etc, on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.

In addition we can offer real time claim analytic dashboards, specifically designed for commodity clients. With the data visualization software we can quickly transform spreadsheets full of claims data into highly interactive, customizable graphs and region maps, providing a better view of the true risks for effective decision-making.