• marine cargo surveyors, Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Marine cargo surveyors and adjusters
    Founded in 1969. Our office is located in Rotterdam and can be reached 24/7.
  • cargo loss adjusters, Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Cargo damage surveys
    Surveys on transported and stored cargo
  • Logistical liability surveys, Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Cargo liability surveys
    Surveys for various types of cargo liabilties; road logistics-, terminal -, NVOCC's, warehouse and inland shipping liability
  • Claim handling and cargo survey guidance worldwide
    Surveys and claim handling worldwide
    We travel worldwide for large claims.
    For smaller claims we nominate and monitor local surveyors.


Hamer van Hussen Groenendijk offers various marine cargo survey services from our office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We work for principals, involved in the insurance (or liability insurance) of cargo in the international trade and shipping.
From our office we also carry out surveys in ports like Amsterdam, Flushing, Moerdijk, IJmuiden, Terneuzen, as well as inland ports and hubs, such as Venlo and 's Heerenberg and Hazeldonk. The Belgian ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Ghent as well as the German Ruhr area are within easy reach.