Theft & misappropriation


Theft and misappropriation surveys

Theft and fraud during transport and storage is costly for shippers, receivers, insurers and carriers. The number of cargo thefts from trucks is slowly decreasing, but we still see regularly trucks carrying expensive and theft sensitive cargo, that were cut open on a public parking at night. Warehouses sometimes appear very badly secured, trucks appear in reality not to comply with the agreed qualifications, etc; although the goods have disappeared there is a lot to investigate in theft cases.

Since the early 90-ties we are frequently instructed for large misappropriation claims; large parcels suddenly seem to have disappeared from warehouses and have sometimes been sold by the company that holds them in trust, or were stored in such a way that nobody noticed that they were not actually there, while according to official documents the cargo should still be stored there.

We were involved in many surveys of large to very large cargo misappropriation cases in Romania, Hungaria, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Kazachstan, Liberia, Zambia, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and even Spain and Italy. Sometimes sudden unexpected market changes, or an economic downturn, stops a "pyramid game", with the insured as victim.

In many cases our investigations on the spot lead to unexpected results. Often it appears that circumstances are different than initially assumed and that several parties can be held responsible for the loss of the cargo, or that cargo had never been actually stored, etc. By local investigations we can also obtain a better knowledge of the local assets of the possible guilty parties, enabling a better recovery. Besides that, if the facts are clear, preventive measures can be taken to prevent repetition in the future.