Claim handling

Claim handling

A large part of our work nowadays consists of claim handling; handling claims abroad on which we try to react in a pro-active way with the experience and knowledge of our own practice, by nominating and sometimes coaching a local surveyor and keeping contact with the claimant.

We dispose of an extensive network of correspondents in all parts of the world, which network is no part of any alliance. This is a deliberate choice; it enables us to approach for each case the best surveyor for assistance.
The survey is well monitored, and we play an active role in ensuring that e.g. lab testing and possible salvage is handled in a professional manner, thereby assisting proactively in loss limitation.

We take all measures possible to ensure timely reporting and communication to our client.

The charges of the local surveyor are invoiced to our principals in the most transparent way, and are specified separate from our fees.

We start by nominating a local surveyor to be our "eyes and ears" and we await the first findings. We remain stand-by to travel to the spot ourselves to investigate first-hand and trouble-shoote where appropriate, if the claim is severe or complicated.