Perishables are goods that are easily injured or destroyed. They must be carried in accordance with strict guidelines, usually in temperature controlled environments and are more and more carried by refrigerated cargo containers. When perishables are received in less than perfect condition, damages are soon discovered by the receiver or the warehouse keeper. Receivers know that consumers in the supermarket are very critical when it comes to fresh, cooled or frozen product.

Most claims arise from temperature issues, either caused by f.i a not properly functioning reefer unit, bad stowage, insufficient pre-cooling, wrong temperature settings, improper packaging or some other reasons that resulted in the damage.

Our company has a long history in marine cargo surveys on fruits and vegetables, carried in containers. We surveyed many climacteric tropical fruits with high respiration properties and ethylene production, such as bananas, mangoes, avocados as well as sub-tropical climacteric fruits like apples and pears, and non-climateric fruits like citrus, strawberries and pineapples, that do not ripen during shipping.

Also frozen products, such as fish, shellfish and meat can be damaged easily if the cold chain is interrupted. We are frequently involved in surveys on reefer cargoes with temperature related problems, such as thawing deformations, spoilage, freezer-burn and taint damages.