Oils and chemicals

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Oils and chemicals

We provide expertise and marine cargo surveys on edible oils, mineral oils, bio fuels and chemicals. Our company is frequently involved in contamination and quality/condition issues, oil loss investigations on tankers, liquid storage terminals and refinery plants.

Oils and liquid chemicals are traded against their contractual, often narrow, product specifications. There can be many reasons for not meeting these specifications, which causes the product is to be considered "off-specification" and survey may be required. Damages can be caused by external sources during transport or storage, but may be inherent to the product as well. This needs to be properly investigated.

We can give advise on filtering, refining, reconditioning and blending. Many oils and chemicals have a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th grade of possible use. We have extensive knowledge of the salvage buyers and traders of off-grades.

We have close links with relevant professional institutions, laboratories, superintendents and research institutions.

Most of our surveyors are member of the Club Oils & Fats.