Grains and oilseeds

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Grains and oilseeds

As from 1969, our company's main business was conducting marine cargo surveys on grains and oilseeds for food and feed, relating to the storage and shipment of these commodities as bulk, break-bulk, bagged and containerised cargoes.

We have extensive specialist knowledge about grains, grain by-products and grain derivates, all with their individual specific problems.

We regularly carry out survey involving problems like wetting, mould damage, moisture migration and subsquent spoilage, heating, insect infestation of corn, wheat, barley and many other grain products, grain by-products and grain seeds.

We are sometimes involved in grain and oilseeds off specifications, dioxins, GMO issues and mycotoxin contaminations like aflatoxin,

We are frequently consulted in problems of storage and shipment of oilseeds, like soya beans, sunflower seed, rapeseed, linseed, etc, all over the world. We frequently give advice and carry out surveys on seedcakes like soya bean meal, sunflower pellets, palm and copra pellets. These products may suffer from heating when moisture is not stable.

We maintain close links with superintendents, laboratories, entomologists, mycology- and other food and feed research institutions, and the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.