Hamer & van Hussen was established in 1969 and has been operating successfully ever since as (marine) cargo surveyors, experts and international loss-adjusters.

We have a track record of more than 35,000 files, handled for the cargo (co) insurance and cargo liability market. We meanwhile carried out surveys in over 90 countries. We have obtained a good reputation in our field and regularly receive appointments from well known marine transport and cargo-insurers/brokers, cargo owners, cargo liability underwriters, P&I clubs, terminal liabilty underwriters, contractual liability underwriters, ship owners, average adjusters, forwarding agents, salvage companies and law firms. As long as there is cargo involved.

Our company is completely independent.

We operate on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis. Surveys are not restricted to Europe only, but are attended all over the world. Through our global network we can access incidents worldwide, at all times. Our office is located in Rotterdam, one of the largest ports of the world. Within easy reach in The Netherlands are the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Flushing, Moerdijk, IJmuiden, Delfzijl and Terneuzen. In our neighbouring countries Belgium and Germany we can easily drive to ports like Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Ghent, Duisburg and Duesseldorf.

We specialise in surveys on various types of commodities. It is our continuous goal that at least 2 of our surveyors are specialised in certain product groups with their specific problems. If required, we will consult or appoint specialists in different areas, such as laboratories, research institutes, universities, technical/-nautical specialists, traders/brokers etc., for which we have extensive references at our disposal. We are co-member of various trade organisations in order to keep in touch with trade-activities and trade-practice.

A team of 6 professional and dedicated surveyors is employed, who are supported by a staff of 3 in the back office. Our team of surveyors has meanwhile accumulated in excess of 125 years survey experience. In our daily practice it's impossible to have knowledge about all types of goods and have all types of survey skills. All our surveyors work from/in our offices, not from home, as we believe that this enables us daily to share our combined knowledge, provide support to one another and to work co-operatively in the best possible way. Although survey may seem an individual job, we feel we actually deliver teamwork.

All of our surveyors are well-educated, on different areas. Besides that, they are all individually registered members, or bachelors, of the Dutch Institute of Registered Surveyors, NIVRE. This institution requires a high level of education, 5 years minimum cargo survey practice and a subsequent permanent education system to maintain that level.