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J. Hamer & H. van Hussen and Expertisebureau Groenendijk, both survey companies in Rotterdam in the field of transport / cargo damage, will continue together as from 1 January 2019. In fact, it concerns an acquisition of 'Groenendijk' by 'Hamer & Van Hussen, although Expertisebureau Groenendijk will continue to carry out survey and research work under its own familiar name.

However, both bureaus with a total of 13 employees, including eight maritime experts, will be housed in one building from 1 January 2019: the current office of J. Hamer & H. van Hussen B.V. at the Thomas Mannplaats 305 in Rotterdam.

The two directors Wieger Hamer and Ben Groenendijk mention the following about reason for joining forces: "The merger has broadened our scope and both companies can be of service to their clients in a broader maritime domain. We are also less vulnerable to illness or holidays. In short, through the collaboration we strengthen our forces. "

Remarkable detail: Hamer and Groenendijk have for a long time considered a partnership with each other, but until recently they had told spoken about these ideas to each other. "We fit well together in terms of company culture and have many similarities.

We are both Rotterdam companies, we are relative small in size, we have built up a good name in our own field over the years, we mostly work for underwriters and brokers and we are active in the co-insurance market., "says Hamer, who also points to another striking agreement.

Both offices were established in 1969 and therefore exist for 50 years in 2019. Groenendijk also points out the differences. "On the other hand, we complement each other well in terms of work. Hamer & Van Hussen has traditionally been strong in a wide range of transport goods, particularly in commodities such as coal, ores, grains, oils, animal feed and chemicals. We mainly deal with theft and fraud investigations, customs-related matters and claims in the field of logistical liability. In addition, we mainly operate in the Rotterdam port area, while Hamer & van Hussen is active in more world wide.

Hamer & van Hussen has had a stable turnover development for years and has counted six marine cargo surveyors for more than 20 years. In addition to Wieger Hamer, these are currently Kris Barow, Evert Jan van Eck, Rik de Koning, Casper Post and Wilko Schilder. At Expertisebureau Groenendijk, apart from Ben Groenendijk also Kees den Ouden carries out surveys. Turnover development at Expertise Bureau Groenendijk is also developing steadily, although this year a slight increase in the number of assignments was noted.